Sunday, March 24, 2013

Old Candide Patterns and Quince and Company

I have been feeling rather nostalgic about my old days raising sheep, dying my own fleece with roots and berries and spinning away.  Oh, those sweaters were ugly, heavy and smelly!  But very organic.  In any case, I was thinking about my old Candide patterns.  I had a hankering to knit up my old Herringbone Raglan, only this time as a V neck.  I obviously don't have any of my old lanolin, naturally dyed, hand spun wool.  I could not find the right weight of yarn anywhere to get the 4 inch gauge on size 10 needles.  And then... I discovered Quince and Company after I saw Phiona's post on the linen she purchased from them.  I went on line and ordered some skeins of Osprey in Snap Pea and Clay.  I am making the Herringbone from Snap Pea and the raglan from the top down in Clay.  I have been so happy, knitting away on these last snowy, windy, gray days of March in Vermont. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love typewriters...who doesn't?...The machine that makes our words look as though we could all be award winning authors?...The machine that makes the worst penmanship readable?...

The machine that was with you through those all-nighters when you had a paper due the next morning-who else stayed up all night with you and helped you finish the requisite number of pages and words for the assignment? No wonder we have a love affair with that word creating machine! 

I once had a turquoise selectric IBM typewriter.  I knew I had arrived when I was able to obtain the Russian alphabet special ball for my typewriter so that I could type my final paper for my degree in Russian (I was a Russian major in college).

Currently, I am sporting my Melody Miller gel skin on my Mac. 

I also love this shirt pattern from the Built by Wendy book.  She gives you instructions for changing things around and it is just a great shirt pattern! Stay tuned for my shirt with key tab shirt!