Friday, February 14, 2014



We are having a snow day!  Finally!  Everyone at school was torn between the excitement of a potential snow day and the excitement of Valentine's Day.  There was true ambiguity.  Wouldn't it be so fun to be at home, drinking hot chocolate in your jammies with your mom and dad... but, Oh, no, we will miss our Valentine's Day celebrations.  For me, the true disappointment was the fact that one of my students and I could not frost cupcakes we baked to celebrate the fact that she read 15,000 new words!
10,000 Words Celebration!
  and we were planning to distribute the pink cupcakes with sprinkles to all of our favorite people sporting our heart shaped sunglasses!  Will it be the same the Monday after?

So for me, I am home with Freddy catching up on my blog.  I have not been doing a very good job with either New Year's Resolution-I have not lost one pound of weight and I did not blog.  So I can't promise you that I will diet on the one day a year when chocolate should be eaten in great quantities.  But I am blogging and I have a lot to catch up on.  First of all, my dear work-mate, Katey is having her second baby!  And it's a boy!  And her husband, Willy, loves to fish and so, of course, I wanted to come up with a fish themed quilt.  I found a line of fabric called Sea Breeze and it is so happy and so not baby blue, but a cool blue.  This isn't the best photo because we took it at work with my iPhone. And here is the back which looks like a happy underwater world with smiling whales and sharks and jellyfish, surrounded by minnows!

Ok, next, my Kaffe Fassett scrap quilt came back from the long arm quilters at Alewives.  What can I say…Kaffe rocks and all the reds just tell story after story.  That is what I have always loved about quilts-the stories that they tell.  A good quilt is like a good novel-subtle in its metaphors and analogies!

And finally, the baby quilts-there is a population explosion happening around me and I have been raiding my stash, using up my leftovers and creating some mini quilts for new babes.  They are all strip quilts-so fun to make!  Here they are:
Catnap by Lizzy House

Heather Ross Briar Rose

Lizzy House Castle Peeps