Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Pips go to School

Aretha moved into school today and look who moved in with...the Pips!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ruby Star Rising Spring Bumblebees!

Here is another "back to school" wardrobe addition-the Ruby Star Rising Bee Skirt made from the Sew U book by Wendy Mullin and Eviana Hartman.  Melody Miller rocks!


Loulouthi in Turning Thirty!
I love the huge vibrant prints of Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi collection.  They seem like they don't all go together, but there is some magic which occurs after you put them together that I can't even begin to describe.  See for yourself...I used 30 fat quarters and the Turning Twenty pattern.  Voila.  I am going to get some of the large Totem print to make a duvet cover to go with...these summery prints will help me keep the chilly, grey autumn at bay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tomato Vine Dress

Ok, here is my first day of school dress.  This is the Linnet One Piece with Roll Collar without the collar!  And the fabric is from Melody Miller's Spring Line called Ruby Star Rising.  I love Melody Miller's designs and I love reading her blog:
I just wish my arms didn't look so big!  I better go and do some exercise now!  Sewing alone will not tone those upper arms!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aretha's Sherbert Pips!

Sherbert Pips

My girl is now an official adult!  21!  So I am not so sure why I made her a quilt from Aneela Hooey's Pips, except that Aretha loves the Pips.  And when she was a toddler, she loved to swing.  I hope she likes it!

Aretha Turns 21!

21 Candles
English Table Setting Complete with Reversible Napkins

Scavenger Hunt


Ben's post party nap
Aretha turned 21 on July 21st and today, Ben and I celebrated with her.  She requested an English table setting for her birthday luncheon of veggie burgers, sweet potato fries and homemade lemonade.  We had a scavenger hunt at the end of which was a pinata.  Ben complained that the clues were spread so far apart on his property that he was getting winded!  Aretha is wearing her Honey Girl Dress made out of a little Kaffe Fassett- looking very English garden partyish indeed!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello New Shirt...Good-bye Old Truck

Today I said "Good-Bye" to my trusty old Jeep Cherokee.  Last year I found someone who would give me an inspection sticker after he repaired the hole in the floor and cut the rust off the bottom.  This year, I was told that it was "time."  The frame was broken.  I have had this truck since 1993.  Every single childcare provider had a fender bender in it!  I have pulled my friends, neighbors and myself out of numerous snow banks with it!  Always started, even at below zero temps.  I am hoping that it will be reincarnated into a beautiful metal sculpture or part of a giant sky scraper! 

This is me crying as I say "Good-bye" to my trusty truck
Anyway, for the occasion, I wore my new Echino purple gingham shirt made from a pattern in Wendy's U Sew book.  I used my fancy stitches and made a decorative statement on the top of the pocket!  I went to work wearing it and Pauline in tech said that it inspired her to have a picnic lunch!  Great to have clothing that inspires fun!