Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finishing Up!

 School was out on June 13th and I have been catching up on everything I didn't get finish at work and at home.  I became a bit obsessed finishing up my winter quilting projects.   I think that the hum of the machine and the finishing of projects was therapeutic for me.  Finishing projects also makes room for new inspirations and I am excited about the room I am making in my head for new ideas.  Particularly with the Vermont Quilt Show in town!  So here is what I  have finished up this week:

I used some Kaffe Fassett reds, purples and greens to make this quilt for my friend, Barbara.  She plants the most beautiful seaside flower boxes each summer and I wanted to make her a quilt that reflected that beauty and hope that she can take it  back to California during the winter, non-Maine months in remembrance of our Summers together.  The backing fabric looks just like her boxes.

Next I have always wanted to make a quilt with color gradation.  My daughter actually inspired me to to think about color gradation design.  When I saw MadebyRae's design for Heather Ross's Briar Rose, I went straight to Nido with my holiday gift certificate from dear Fred and purchased the supplies.  I am quite pleased with the results.  There were plenty of left overs and I made a scrap patchwork for a friend's new baby girl who is on her way!

Finally, I love Lotta Jansdotter and when I read about her Sylvia fabric line inspired by her grandmother, I was touched.  I thought about my own grandmothers and great grandmother-all of whom quilted with me in very different styles.  I knew I had to make something from her black and white line.  My very first quilt was a nine square made with tiny 3 inch squares of mint green and various calicos.  I remember cutting each square with my template made from a brown paper shopping bag.  This quilt is for dear Monica, one of my students from St. Michael's College who is bravely moving to Pittsburgh to pursue her Ph.D. after finishing her Master's of Art at St. Michael's College.  Everyone needs a good study blanket, right?  And it is perfect for Monica who prefers black to any other color except an occasional royal blue accent!