Sunday, March 16, 2014

Coming Together

Field Study
Turning Twenty
Loulouthi Swoon
Innocent Crush
Earthy Frames by Kaffe Fassett
Turning Twenty
Good Folks Voile
 I love Anna Maria Horner.  I will take her for better or for worse.  I think her collections somehow will always come together.  I have made quilts from each of her lines since I met her collections in 2009.  I made a voile Little Folks patchwork, a Kaffe Fassett with Innocent Crush.  I made Turning Twenties with Loulouthi and Field Study.  I even made a Swoon with Loulouthi!  So when she reintroduced Hand Drawn Garden and introduced True Colors, I  had to make another quilt.  I loved the book Volumes in Degas and the Sketchbook birds!  Have you ever been so inspired by a collection and put it all together only to ask yourself, "What was I thinking?"  Well, I was really disappointed in how my quilt top came together.  So my first step was to go for sewing therapy at Nido's with Phiona who assured me that the right backing and binding would fix things right up.  So we added Cracking Codes in Jade for the backing and unlike me, I agreed to some Joel Dewberry for the binding in a pink.  My next step was to get more therapy from Rhea Butler at Alewives who assured me that the Orange Peel quilting would be just the finishing touch.  And of course, she was right.  Her Long Arm Fairies did the most amazing work on the quilting and it is gorgeous.  Then for the binding-the pink just did not work and so I consulted with my friend, Google, knower of all things and found a quilt made by Pieces of Pine who used up all her scraps on the binding.  I took her inspiration and created a scrappy binding.  And finally, just to direct the eye to my favorite prints, I made pillow cases from the Sketchbook print and am thinking about the Volumes in Degas for the king size pillows behind.  All in all, things have come together!  Thank you Anna Maria Horner, Phiona Hamilton, Rhea Butler, Tammy-the Alewives Long Arm Fairy and Pieces of Pine!

Hand Drawn Garden
Adapted Turning Twenty

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