Friday, November 25, 2016

I am Back

Michael Hampton at Nido's photo by Phiona Hamilton
I haven't posted here for so long.  To be quite honest, I became frustrated with how hard it was to move things around on my posts.  So I looked for greener grass and alas, the grass was brown!  So I am back!  And I want to talk about the renewed passion I have for spinning!

I went to see my friend, Michael Hampton Speak at Nido's in Burlington Vermont owned by the very talented and wonderful Phiona.  He talked about he evolution of his passion for spinning leading to owning a small spinnery, Hampton Fiber Mill in Richmond, Vermont where I live.  We knit together a the Richmond Friend's Library on Wednesday night with other knitters and his talk and door prize of local Jacob prepared fiber inspired me to haul my vintage 1988  Louet S10 Spinning Wheel out of the not temperature controlled attic.

Jacob Fleece
It didn't long for different bits and pieces of plastic to crumble and break.  So, off I went to see my friend, Jen at Northeast Fiber Arts.  She had the parts I needed and also had some Spinning Wheels.  It seems wheels have evolved since 1988 and one can now obtain a wheel where one can change the ratio of pedal strokes to spindle spins.  Since I am now pumped to enter the Vermont Sheep and Goat Association Spinning contest, I ordered a new wheel!  It is an Ashford Joy and it looks like this.  I will post a photo when mine arrives.  Meanwhile, I am knitting with my practice wool and it is so satisfying.  I love cold and drizzly November days in Vermont-they give you an opportunity to stay indoors and knit!