Sunday, March 4, 2012

Works in Progress/End of February Break

Lisette Passport Dress
 Well, it is Sunday night and my week long February Break is nearing its end.  I had such a delightful week of sewing, starting with a trip to Portland to see Rhea and Barbara at Alewives Fabric and ending with a 3 hour long lunch with Phiona at Nido's.  I haven't made anything with my purchases from Alewive's yet, but I did make some good progress on Lisette's Passport Dress with some Liberty of London purchased at Nido's.  Phiona thought I should make it two tone, but I wanted something light and fun for my daughter, Aretha's graduation from University of Vermont this Spring (Yea!). 

On the opposite end of things, I made the classiest PJ bottoms ever with the softest Nani Iro, also purchased from Nido's!  They are so comfy.  I have been day dreaming about making a robe in the same colorway, but it might be a bit of an extravagance! 

Finally, I have been working away at a Yellow Brick Road quilt inspired by my quilting muse, Barbara Commeau!  I bought some coordinating Fat Quarters by Urban Chiks called Urban Cowgirl.  I just love the homey look of it. 

Nani Iro
Urban Cowgirls in Yellow Brick Road Quilt pattern
Sigh... I love my job, so I don't regret returning, I just hope I can squeeze in some sewing time to finish my projects!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lynn's Birds

Last summer when I had my one and only debut as a woman of craft business, my friend, Lynn was about to purchase a bird bag I made when a very saavy, aggressive shopper scooped it up!  Lynn said, "I want that bag!  Can you make me another?"  Well, 7 months later, here we are!  Was it worth the wait?  I made this one with Anna Maria Horner's pattern for the Multi-tasker Tote with Echino's Etsuko Furuya's Wish in raspberry with complimentary grape and mint Dots.  Hope Lynn likes it!