Thursday, April 26, 2012


Loulouthi Swoon
Well, I finally finished my Swoon quilt.  I can't seem to get over using Anna  Maria Horner's Loulouthi in quilts.  The patterns and colors unexpectedly work and they make me so happy.  This quilt has alot of mistakes in it!  But, it looks great if you don't examine it too closely!

It is Spring Break for me and I have been huddled inside with the stinky doggies for a week of cold rain and sleet and snow!  Today the sun came out and I bathed all the dogs, but it is still too cold for them to dry outside, so they are toasting by the fire. 

I also made two Spring shirts.  One is made from some fabric called Soul Garden which I purchased from Alewives Fabric in February. I used the Built by Wendy shirt pattern and so far, this is the shirt pattern that works best for me.  I made the other from some Nani Iro Phiona sold me last summer for a dress.  I had purchased a Hot Pattern for a placketed shirt and I used that to whip up this fun shirt.  Unfortunately, it is a bit big.  Next time I will go down a couple of sizes.  It think it will be ok belted. 

Soul Garden
Nani Iro

Monday, April 9, 2012

Urban Cowgirls meet Yellow Brick Road

 My friend, Barbara Commeau, inspiration extraordinaire made a Yellow Brick Road and of course I had to copy her.  When I saw Urban Chik's Urban Cowgirl Fatquarters, I thought it might be a good fit.  I love how it turned out.

I was going to have it quilted with a  long arm, but my frugal, New England, Do-it-Yourself nature took over and I did a little stippling on my frame with my machine and although it is not perfect, it is just fine for me. 

The back looks great patched together and especially with Moxie as a model!